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Title 24 Lighting Acceptance Testing

Title 24 Acceptance Testing

Non-Residential third-party lighting controls inspectors

What is Title 24 Acceptance Testing?

Effective as of July 1, 2014, all required lighting controls and devices must be certified as properly installed and operational, prior to the issuance of occupancy permits.

Acceptance Technicians must then submit corresponding paperwork into the governing organization.

Some examples are:

  • Certifying the Programming on Astronomical Time Clocks
  • Dimming and Daylighting Censors dim to correct levels
  • Occupancy / Vacancy / Motion Sensors are working and functional
  • All Switches are installed and programmed correctly
  • All Devices and Controls are installed in correct locations per the stamped set of drawings and Title 24.6 code

Who Can Provide Acceptance Testing?

Only Certified Technicians can conduct acceptance testing. All certified Technicians must also be employed by a certified acceptance testing employer

2016 Building energy efficiency standards.

Acceptance Testing Compliance Forms

  • 2016-NRCA-TLI-02-A Lighting Controls.
  • 2016-NRCA-TLI-03-A Automatic Daylighting Controls
  • 2016-NRCA-TLI-04-A Automatic Demand Responsive
  • 2016-NRCA-TLI-05-A Automatic Institutional Tuning PAF
  • 2016-NRCA-LTD-02-A Lighting Controls Outdoor Lighting Controls

Types of Lighting Controls

  • Daylight Harvesting Censors
  • Photocells
  • Occupancy Sensors / Switches
  • Motion Censors / Switches
  • Dimming Censors / Switches
  • Lighting Control Panels
  • Astronomical Time Clocks
  • Demand Responsive Controls
  • Switch Banks
  • Line Voltage Switching Controls
  • Low Voltage Switching Controls